Knowledge & Experience

A previous Licensing Director and Executive of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Amy Harrison spent 27 years guiding people to understand one of the most complicated sets of laws in Texas and the country. Amy Harrison Consulting LLC helps businesses optimize their alcohol opportunities responsibly and legally.


Regardless of the alcohol tier, (retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer), 98% of this industry wants to comply and operate lawfully. One of the most significant barriers to accomplish this is the complication of the alcohol laws and policies. Amy’s work enabled her to gain unprecedented knowledge of those laws and policies.

Amy is experienced in all of the primary areas of alcohol regulation including licensing, marketing practices, compliance, enforcement, investigations, training, policy development and witness testimony. She simplifies complex problems, develops technology-related business solutions, and finds creative solutions to problems presented by the law.


Her knowledge, experience, network, and creativity will optimize your alcohol opportunities responsibly and lawfully. Amy’s “straight talk” will leave you understanding the law as well as understanding your options.


Alcohol regulation is a complicated and confusing area of law.  Our experience and knowledge will help you in achieving compliance while optimizing your opportunities.

Solve your challenges. Optimize your alcohol business opportunities.