Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you?

I have 33 years experience in government regulation, 27 of those specifically in alcohol regulation.  The things I bring to you are my experience and knowledge of the Alcoholic Beverage Code, creative thinking and energy.

Are your services limited to application processing?

No!  I have expertise and experience in all areas of alcohol regulation.

Can my business put your consulting services on retainer for assistance when we need it?

Yes, this might prove most efficient for us both.

Will you assist people who want to complete their alcohol application on their own?

Yes, I will assist at the level desired by the client.

If I’m already engaged with an attorney or licensing service, will you assist with a certain area as requested?

Yes, I will assist with any area but your attorney and/or licensing service will need to be made aware of my involvement so that we can better work as a team towards your success.

Are you an attorney?

No, but I’m happy to make recommendations to you should you need legal services.

If I need services you are not able to provide, will you make recommendations?

Absolutely!  I know the people and companies in this business and I know their areas of specialty and expertise.  I am happy to make referrals to people that I would hire myself.

What about the confidentiality of my information, is it protected?

Yes, confidentially is part of my contract for services with you.  However, I am not an attorney and unable to provide you with attorney-client privilege.

Are your services limited to Texas?

Absolutely not!

Will you take suggestions for topics to write about on your blog?

Absolutely!  Let me know what your interest.

Solve your challenges. Optimizing your alcohol business.