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Greetings friends and family!
Oh, how I have missed some of you! I even miss some of you I would have never thought I would miss! Don’t get me wrong; retirement has been great!

I received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation and Dedication in the field of licensing and compliance from the National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals (NALCP). If you’re not familiar with this group, my first “outside” professional advice to you (at no charge) is get familiar! This is a group of retailers from across the country that is getting in a room, asking the hard questions, and sharing synergy to find solutions. Without a doubt, this award is the highlight of my career. To be honored by such an incredible group of innovative professionals is the greatest of honors for a public servant and regulator. My sincere appreciation to them for kindness and recognition.

My daughter started a new job promoting better healthcare in our great state, working with incredible people, and loving it. My son graduated from college, then law enforcement academy and is serving as a county sheriff’s deputy in central Texas. Life just doesn’t get any better than having two children gainfully employed and making you proud! My husband and I built a fence together to make the yard bigger for all my animals and have been to Cabo to sell lures, see our friends and of course, fish. Our lives are very blessed.

It was a hard decision choosing between turning my home into a refuge for stray, injured or orphaned animals or putting my knowledge and experience back to work helping people in the alcohol industry. Naturally, my husband pointed out which one of those ventures he wouldn’t agree to and the fact only one of those had the possibility of paying for more fishing. Then I got a few calls from people, who were at the least feeling a bit orphaned, and here I am launching my consulting business.
This move is only possible for me because many of you sharing your guidance, knowledge, experience, support and even discourse and disagreement. I learned from you regardless of the side of the fence we sat on. I hope you will continue to accompany me on this adventure by following my blog and reading my newsletter and if your team needs some help in optimizing their alcohol opportunities, give me a call.

Blessings to you and yours,