Introducing A Series of Little-Known Facts About Texas Alcohol Regulation

TABC License and Permit Holders:  Did you know you are responsible for knowing the Alcoholic Beverage Code and Rules?  Did you know the number of times TABC has to pay attention to you, MATTER? Regardless of if you know the law or not, you are responsible.  There are little known facts that as a permit holder, you should know! Follow or Subscribe to us to better understand your responsibilities as well as your privileges!  And who knows, maybe someday, we can help you optimize your alcohol opportunities, directly or indirectly? Welcome to the first of LITTLE-KNOWN FACTS.



But are you carrying the liability for the safety? 


The Monitor’s editorial points out a “little known fact” concerning the new alcohol delivery laws.  Another “little known fact” the Consumer Delivery Permit (CD) created for the retailer to avoid the liability of the delivery, has yet to have been issued.  According to TABC’s website, it may not until next year. Consequently, if a Retailer, especially an MB is handing off ale, wine or spirits, to a third-party company, your permit and business may be at risk.  Contact us to ensure your deliveries of alcohol are lawful and your liability risk. Follow us for additional “Little Known Facts”!


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