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Sunset Review Hearin

The year is winding down, and so is the Sunset Review of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). Not a problem if you didn’t get to tune into the hearing. Keep reading because it’s not too late to check things out!


The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission conducted a public hearing on the review of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission on December 13, 2018. Over 20 individuals registered to testify on behalf of their trade association, neighborhood, county government, or themselves. Testimony was limited to roughly 3 minutes per individual with the staff giving their report and the TABC responding.


With few exceptions, there were no surprises. The amount of time between the publishing of the report and the hearing had allowed the issues to be studied, positions lobbied, and performances rehearsed. Now it is all public record and available for your review. If you would like to hear some of the testimony, click here:

To view written testimony:

The next public hearing is tentatively scheduled for January 9, 2018, when decisions are expected on the issues and their recommendations. Stay tuned as the process proceeds.

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