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TABC and Technology – Get Mobile!

Did you know the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has a mobile app?  Not only do they have a mobile app that was developed and released years ago, it can help you with your business and personal needs!  I love showing this app to license/permit holders as well as folks I meet because it has some incredible uses.
Some business uses for this app:

  • See pending original applications which are new business coming to your marketing area (the Commission use to data enter these apps within 36 hours, not anymore).
  • See licenses/permits that are coming up for renewal or have renewals pending.
  • See violation history of a license/permit holder so you know with whom you are doing business.
  • Look and see who your competition is within your area and what beverages they sale.
  • Find a location to do your city/county inspection.
  • File complaints about possible violations of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.
  • Report breaches of peace if you are a license/permit holder.

Personal uses are just as great:

  • Find a restaurant near work to grab a drink.
  • Find alcohol locations in the new neighborhood you are moving into.
  • Check the violation history of the location your daughter/son just “checked in” on Facebook or Instagram, particularly “sale to minor” or “sale to intox”.
  • File complaints about possible violations of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.

I love this app and it was developed in cooperation and agreement between the TABC and Neubus.  It was one of the greatest adventures of my TABC career and I use it all the time!  It might be good to get familiar as it appears it will be “a cousin” to the new forthcoming “Self Inspections – Compliance Reporting App”!

Click here and start utilizing some great technology!


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